About Dr. Keith Pannell, DDS

Dr. Keith Pannell — Dental Services in White Oak, TX
Please allow me to share some information that will allow you to get to know me better. I would also like to make available my practice philosophy and better acquaint you with our family practice and the manner in which we strive to care for each of our patients.
My name is Keith Pannell. I have been married to my wonderful wife, Donna for 32 years. We have three grown children — Amber, Aftin and Aaron, and two beautiful granddaughters — Marley and Bailey. I've been a White Oak resident for 47 years and graduated from White Oak High School in 1974. I attended Texas A & M, where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology, then the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston, Texas. I worship the Lord and serve my community at New Beginnings Baptist Church. I enjoy tennis, jet-skiing and spending time with my family and friends.
Our dental practice involves a variety of services from treating children to meeting the needs of our senior population. We utilize the most advanced bonding techniques to restore teeth to their natural shape and contour whether we use composite or porcelain restorations. It is quite surprising how many teeth can be saved through root canal procedures and crown restorations. We fight hard to save teeth if that is our patients' desire. Where teeth are non-restorable, we can bone graft and use dental implants that closely resemble your original teeth.
The patients who at times have the most difficulty with the most basic functions of life, like comfortably chewing their food, are our denture patients. Fortunately for them, advances in implant-retained, snap-on dentures allow us to give them a better quality of life than ever before.
As important as it is to provide the best quality of dental services, we feel that the manner in which we treat and care for our patients is the most important concern. During our examinations, we strive to listen to the needs and concerns of each patient. Through our consultation appointment, we present the dental concerns and offer multiple treatment options to allow our patients to make the best choices for themselves. Also, through sedation dentistry, we are better able to minimize the dental fears of our most anxious patients.
We will always strive to treat our patients like family and care for them in the most loving and caring manner. By doing so, they will feel confident in referring their family and friends to our practice.